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Evergreen Baits


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Super-long casting and superb ability to avoid obstacles!

The CR-6 is a new type of shallow crankbait that acts like a lipless crankbait in its ability to quickly... Read More

The CR-6 is a new type of shallow crankbait that acts like a lipless crankbait in its ability to quickly suss out an extensive area in a stress-free manner. It boasts a superior casting distance and the right amount of tension, and yet its extremely light resistance allows for comfortable reeling all day. It possesses an exquisite swimming attitude and balance. Its skillful dodging of obstacles, especially through treacherous grass, elevates this model to a class of its own, and prevents bite reduction that’s caused by grass entanglement. Even under tough conditions when water quality declines in the spring and fall (due to turnover, etc.), the CR-6 performs consistently with a forcefulness that induces a reaction bite. With its super-long casting and superb obstacle-avoiding capabilities, the CR-6 is an ingenious force that moves effortlessly in shallow expanses and through complex shallow covers.

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Hook size




2 1/4in (58mm)

7/16oz (13.2g)

Front:#6 Rear:#6


Tungsten weight transfer system

A tungsten weight system along with a body and lip designed for minimum air resistance produce remarkable distance and accuracy.

Fixed weight at low gravitational center

The lure is mounted with a system of moving gravity center, but fixing its weight at a low center of gravity produces a fast swim start and great action response. It forms the base for a variety of retrieve speeds, from slow to fast.

Coffin bill

The tip of the round lip was given an angular design. Produces natural-looking action and excels at avoiding obstacles.

Hexagonal body line

The cross-section of the hexagonal body is effective not just for water displacement but also for visual interest from flashing colors and lights.