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Attack. Overwhelm. Morizo Shimizu’s secret popper.

“A popper is at times have an explosive power that can overwhelm other baits.” Morizo Shimizu, who takes part in... Read More

“A popper is at times have an explosive power that can overwhelm other baits.” Morizo Shimizu, who takes part in numerous fishing battles, has experienced the devastating power of the popper more than he would like to. The OB-68 is a culmination of all the skill and expertise that Shimizu expects from his popper. Shimizu uses this popper not because he wants to fish on a topwater bait, but because the fish only responds to a topwater bait. And this lure does the job of “conquering the surface pattern.” The body, which is designed with its tail flipped up, reduces air resistance, cuts through head winds, and casts long distances to search a wider area. It has increased control due to better weight distribution and body balance. Anglers can accurately approach a spot targeted from afar. Furthermore, the three fish-appealing features that Shimizu seeks from a popper — spit, bubble and pop — are all achieved at a higher level. The popper gives the angler freedom and control under constantly-changing conditions. With a body balance that responds sensitively to rod work, it can handle with ease a variety of challenges, from slow action by standing trees or rocks, replicating high-speed action of a bait chased by backwaters, and turning action within a narrow traveling range to high-speed twitches. Rattles in four different materials — tungsten, brass, steel and glass — produce sounds in different frequencies. The hybrid rattle sound has wide appeal to fish under various conditions. Pick the best spray, bubble, action, pop or rattle sound that best suits the conditions of any given day to build the most effective game plan.

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Hook Size




2 2/3in (68mm)

3/8oz (9.8g)

Front:#6 Rear:#6


Sharp edged cup

Designed with a sharp edged cup that gives anglers the choice of spit, bubble, and pop sounds both strong and weak, to deal with changing circumstances.

Hybrid rattle sound

Tungsten, brass, steel and glass as one set of rattle weights. Each rattle produces its own unique frequency, and together create a hybrid sound with wide appeal to fish under various conditions.

Body design

Designed with its tail flipped up, which reduces air resistance, and the ability to cast long distances that can slice through head winds to search across wide areas. At the same time, it is adept at accurately casting with very light force, zeroing in on the targeted spot.

Feather tails

The rear hooks are mounted with feather tails.