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The mother of all shallow cranks, the SH-3 attracts big bass. Powerful water movements.

Development of this shallow crankbait was initiated by Brett Hite and Justin Kerr, professional staff of Evergreen US. The SH-3... Read More

Development of this shallow crankbait was initiated by Brett Hite and Justin Kerr, professional staff of Evergreen US. The SH-3 has undergone rigorous testing in various conditions and fields in Japan and the US. The result is a highly refined shallow crankbait that produces powerful water movement. Its highly buoyant fat body and square lip produces an action response on par with wood cranks, while its characteristic super-wide wobble action make a strong appeal to big bass. This SH-3 is free from the problems typical of shallow crankbaits, such as lack of distance or difficulty casting. The tungsten weight transfer system promises incredible distance; its body density commands presence and yet offers superior accuracy with less effort when casting. The SH-3 represents a dramatic increase in cover cranking precision. We take absolute pride in this crankbait. It is versatile and can perform in a variety of conditions — explore expanses of shallow flats with great efficiency, closely approach bluff banks and reeds; cut grass and trigger a reaction bite, or slowly maneuver through wood and rock. Experience for yourself the overwhelming power of this world-class shallow crankbait.

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Hook Size




2 3/4in (69mm)

11/16oz (19.0g)

Front:#3 Rear:#3


Tungsten weight transfer system

The tungsten weight transfer system promises incredible distance, which, combined with its body weight, gives anglers unprecedented accuracy and control.

Fixed weight at low gravitational center

The lure is mounted with a system of moving gravity center, but fixing its weight at a low center of gravity produces a fast swim start and great action response. It forms the base for a variety of retrieve speeds, from slow to fast.

Wide square lip

The unique shape and angle of the wide square lip that’s larger in proportion to its body firmly takes hold of the water and gives it a fast start in the water and decisive action during slow retrieve. It also contributes greatly to its ability to avoid cover.

Hexagonal body line

The cross-section of the hexagonal body is effective not just for water displacement but also for visual interest from flashing colors and lights.

High flotation fat body

Its large and fat body, which adds to its buoyancy, produces a powerful wide wobble roll action. At the same time, the feature greatly boosts its ability to avoid obstacles and hang ups.

One knocker tungsten rattle

Designed for the tungsten ball in the weight transfer system to also rattle. If the water is too muddy for the lure to be visible, this feature will alert bass to its presence. It produces a low rattle sound that big bass like.